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Wanderin' Wheel



The Millers

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Living Water Concerts ~ Who We Are
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Mission Statement

Living Water Concerts is committed to the idea that all people should have access to one of the fundamental elements of life - clean water. As musicians and audiences, we are all capable of sharing our gifts with those less fortunate than us. Working directly with the Methodist Church of Malawi, our current goal is to dig as many fresh water wells in that country as necessary.

How We Started

In 2000, Karly Royer – one of the founders of Living Water Concerts – traveled to Malawi as part of a mission team with the United Methodist Church. One of their objectives was to bless the installation of a new fresh water well that had been funded by charitable donations from the United States. Forever changed by the experience, Karly brought back a desire to do more for these amazing people by helping to fund more of these wells.

Why Malawi?

Those of us involved in this project feel called to give of ourselves and our talents to the benefit of those less fortunate than us. We have specifically chosen Malawi because of the personal experience stated above but also because of the extreme need that country has for outside help. Some facts about Malawi:

  • Malawi is one of the 5th poorest countries in the world
  • Most people have to walk up to 13 miles to get water of any sort
  • Malawian women will spend 1/3 of their lives carrying water on their heads in buckets
  • 15% of the adult population is infected with AIDS
  • Out of 11,000,000 people in Malawi 2,000,000 are orphans
  • The infant mortality rate is approximately 12%

If you have food on your table, a roof over your head, clothes on your body and water to drink you are better off than 75% of the world

The people of Malawi show such extreme gratitude for what they receive – even though it is so much less than what any of us expects to have to in order to survive.

How We Intend to Succeed

Two of the founders of Living Water Concerts are Joel Palmer and Jeff Royer who are the musical duo Wanderin' Wheel. Through their contacts, LWC will host benefit concerts utilizing the generous talents in the musical community across the country. The folk music world has traditionally consisted of people who are proactive in the world community -both performers and audiences. In our first year we have had two successful concerts to date in the Detroit area and are currently planning many more including some outside of Michigan. We intend to host our concerts in both secular and religious venues.

Contributing musicians to date are:

  • Josh White Jr.
  • Matt Watroba
  • Robert Jones
  • Annie Capps Trio
  • Jason Dennie
  • Millish
  • Tom Vesbit
  • Jim Rawlings
  • William Henry Russell
  • Jim Nicholls
  • Wanderin' Wheel

Many other performers have already indicated their interest in helping support our cause.

What We Need To Get There

We are admittedly inexperienced and have high goals and understand that we cannot meet them without considerable help. We are registered with the State of Michigan as a non-profit corporation and are in the process of applying with the Federal Government for non-profit standing as well. We have the ability right now to set up and run a concert every few months but we want to do more than that. Living Water Concerts is run by a working board of directors which means that currently all work is done by volunteers. We need more people to diversify our board and bring to it specific talents:

  • Marketing
  • Graphic arts
  • Web design and management
  • Organization/Management
  • Grant writing/Other fund raising
  • Energy and desire

Final Notes

To date we have raised enough money from just three concerts (including overflow contributions from the visibility the concerts have given us) to fund two wells. Each well costs approximately $5000 but that number can change when complications are met in the drilling process. We have a direct contact with the areas of need through the United Methodist Church of Malawi and know our donations are being used for their specific intent. Our goal concerning our concerts is that all funds raised directly from these events can be applied to the digging of these wells. This means we will need to generate other income (possibly through grants or other charitable means) to cover our operating expenses.

How can you Help?

  • Send monetary contributions to:
    Living Water Concerts, 1911 Catalpa Ct, Ferndale, MI 48220
  • Host a Concert
  • Attend a Living Water Concert
  • Tell others about Living Water Concerts
  • Link to our Site

Contact Us

For more information on Living Water Concerts please email or or call 248-506-1985